Survivors of traumatic brain injury or neurologic injury and individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders are referred on a national level. Patients are qualified for admission individually on a clinical, medical and financial basis.

Family members and other concerned parties are encouraged to tour the program prior to admission in order to make informed placement decisions. The Admissions Department is available to assist all concerned parties with any questions. For assistance in making a referral, please call (800-697-5390) and ask to speak to the Admissions Department.

All referrals for rehabilitation are reviewed on an individual basis.

Referral Process

Who can refer a client for rehabilitation?

  • Clients, their families, physicians, social workers, discharge planners, insurance case managers, school representatives, community agencies, or anyone else can initiate the referral process.

What information is needed to start a referral?

  • Family contact or guardian.
  • Client information including: age, injury information, current location.

How can a referral be made?

How long does the process take?

Our experienced staff is always available to meet the needs of families, funders, and referral sources. In many cases, response time is less than 24 hours from receipt of the referral. If the need for an urgent response is necessary, staff can be on-site the same day in many cases.